Dreaming Of The Way It Was Before

Love and nothing more

Hello! I'm Addy!

I'm overly hyper, have very strong opinions on many things, easily obsessed, and have anxiety so If I seem weird or rude I'm sorry!

★Panromantic Asexual
★Self Taught Artist + Writer

★In No Particular Order★

  • Anime

  • Kpop

  • Emo Bandoms

  • She-Ra

  • Voltron

  • Pokemon

  • Minecraft

  • Overwatch


  • Warrior Cats

  • Steven Universe

  • FNaF

  • Gravity Falls

  • Tattletail

  • The Next Step

  • Undertale/Deltarune


  • Mystic Messenger

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Idea Credited to Clip on CS

Catra Icons by @forthehonorr on Tumblr